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Make this chart applicable to older students by expanding on each aspect with a specific audience or goal. I-Charts can be used with individuals, small groups, or the entire class, and are meant to strengthen reading skills and foster critical thinking.

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His work across the Arctic is usually credited with the establishment of syllabics among the Inuit. Cree people began to use it to write messages on tree bark using burnt sticks, leaving messages out on hunting trails far from the mission.

Read the script three times in a row. In addition, derivative scripts for Blackfoot and Athabaskan inherit at least some principals and letter forms from the Central Algonquian alphabet, though in Blackfoot most of the letters have been replaced with modified Latin.

However, it was further modified to create specific alphabets for other Algonquian languagesas well as for Inuitwhich have significant phonological differences from Cree.

Organized Paragraph So fun! Favorites CollectCollect what can i write about chart now for later lorene This resource includes tree map graphic organizers to write about groundhogs. The I-Chart strategy is organized into three steps, each of which consists of activities meant to engage and aid students in evaluating a given topic: Missionary work in the s and s spread syllabics to western Canadian Ojibwe dialects Plains Ojibwe and Saulteauxbut it was not often used over the border by Ojibwe in the United States.

Ask students to resolve competing ideas discovered during their research or develop new questions to explore based on any missing or conflicting information. He claimed that "with some slight alterations" it could be used to write "every language from the Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains. Identify the topic Construct the I-Chart or use provided printout Collect materials needed for inquiry During the second phase of the strategy, Interacting, students will: He prepared a few based on their pronunciation of Inuktitutbut it quickly became obvious that the number of basic sounds and the simple model of the syllable in the Evans system was inadequate to the language.

One way to adapt this chart, as students develop their understanding of argument, is to write each element—claim, argument, evidence—under a flap that students can lift if they need a reminder. Hopefully they help you develop strong writers in your classroom.

Students will now begin the first phase of the strategy, Planning, in which they will: Eastern and western syllabics[ edit ] When syllabics spread to Ojibwe and to those Cree dialects east of the Manitoba-Ontario border, a few changes occurred.

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Top of Page Paste a linked Excel chart into your document You can create and copy a chart in an external Excel worksheet, and paste a linked version of the chart into your Word document.

Here, he began to face resistance from colonial and European authorities. The chart will update to match the data after you finish typing data into one cell and move to the next. The organizers are in the format of "have-can-are" and "have-can-eat. Have a class or group discussion about the topic s that students will be working with.

The approach, which is often used by groups, can help students develop creative responses to problem solving, to retain new information, to assist in generating writing, and to explore social and disciplinary problems.

Pitman used rotation to change place of articulation: Identify the topic Construct the I-Chart or use provided printout Collect materials needed for inquiry During the second phase of the strategy, Interacting, students will: You are an expert in this area. Professional writers get feedback early and often.

When you reopen the Word document, click Yes to update the Excel data.Help Welcome to SparkNotes! We’re your brilliant, book-smart best friend, and we’re here to help you ace that test, transform that paper into pure gold, and understand even the most intricately-plotted Shakespeare plays.

ASCII Table and Description. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Computers can only understand numbers, so an ASCII code is the numerical representation of a character such as 'a' or '@' or an action of some sort.

Present data in a chart. Word for Office Word Word Word Word More Less. If Excel is installed on your computer, you can take advantage of the advanced charting capabilities in Word. What do you want to do? Learn about charts.

Step 1: Create a basic chart. Many times, I will write the title of the anchor chart and/or the essential question before the lesson. I'll create any sort of cute border, header, and if we're using some sort of chart, I make the lines and headers for each row/column.

Paragraphs to Describe Graphs and Charts Often in academic writing, students will use information and facts presented in charts and graphs to support the. This chart was designed specifically for use with Lucy Calkins Units of Study, How-To Books.

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If you don't use Units of Study as your curriculum, this is still a great chart to help teach our young writers how to think of creative topics to write about.4/5(80).

What can i write about chart
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