Shane by jack schaefer

There were sharp hidden hardnesses in him.

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Well, we all know why that chill ran through little Bob as Shane rode up to the Starrett homestead in the Wyoming Territory in the summer ofbecause Shane was a lethal, albeit reluctant, gunslinger.

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Jack Schaefer

He preferred in later years to write stories less mythic and more attuned to the real West He is no longer afraid of him and knows that although Shane may be dangerous, he—Bob—and his family are safe with him.

Any more of it would have been to overstay its welcome. Bob is struck with the chills when looking at Shane.

He wants to expand his herd; homesteads in the area would hinder its growth. Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: And for what purpose?

You are not currently authenticated. Shane always comes through in the end, however, Shane by jack schaefer eventually is forced to kill Fletcher and his men, which prompts him to leave the Wyoming Territory for fear of being labeled a killer. He came closer, and I could see that this was because the brows were drawn in a frown of fixed and habitual alertness.

With Shane's help, the farmers resist Fletcher, but Shane is tested many times by the cowhands and gunslingers hired by Fletcher to intimidate him.

I had to for my own mental survival. Ernie Wright - one of Stark Wilson's victims. The entire plot and the main theme of the novel center on Shane's struggle to do what is right.

As the Fletcher conflict heats up, Shane's agony begins. He knows, however, that he cannot remain in the valley, for he will be forever labeled a murderer. Luke Fletcher — the antagonist. The peddler ends up reducing his price. He is headed to an unknown future where he will have to struggle once again to overcome his past.

Why do anthologizers of the Southwest feel obligated to include something by D.

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Well you ain't ever gonna be shit beyond that, so enjoy your fifteen minutes. He has taken serious punishment. A gun is just a tool. Because the story is told from his perspective, the reader gets to see how his thoughts and feelings change as he gets older, gains experience, and learns from He was dangerous as mother had said.

And I can thank my father for that. Novels 18 Author Info: Brothers Judd Top of the 20th Century: Beneath them the eyes were endlessly searching from side to side and forward, checking off every item in view, missing nothing.

He is the narrator. Because the story is told from his perspective, the reader gets to see how his thoughts and feelings change as he gets older, gains experience, and learns from two very influential men his father and Shane. It is here that Shane reveals himself to be an experienced gunslinger of the sort that the Wild West was known for.

The entire novel is set in the Wyoming valley, with all of the action taking place at the Starrett farm and the local saloon. Although he is immediately liked and accepted by the Starretts, he must prove himself to the other farmers, who are suspicious of him and his past. One final note, an inside look, if you will Joe Starrett is a simple sod farmer, but he is kind and decent and honest and courageous, the equal of Shane in every respect except for speed on the draw.Jack Schaefer () was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and studied at Oberlin College and Columbia University.

"Shane, " his first piece of fiction, began as a short story. Mr. Looking for books by Jack Schaefer? See all books authored by Jack Schaefer, including Shane, and Best Western Stories, and more on Reviews 79 zation of the edition of Schaefer’s novel.

Added to those commendable features is the inclusion of most of the essays on Shane listed in Etulain’s Bibliographical Guide. Set of cards with basic Shane (by Jack Schaefer) review questions.

Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. In Shane by Jack Schaefer, actions and attitudes develop archetypes of two important men. Through their triumphs and failures, Shane is characterized as of a hero and mentor, and Fletcher as a shadow. Shane by Jack Schaefer is a well-written classic that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This story takes place in the West during the 's. Shane, a man of a mysterious unknown past, rides into the Starrett's farm while farmers turn to examine him bistroriviere.coms:

Shane by jack schaefer
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