Claudius the motives of killing the king

Hamlet Motives Explained

But is he necessarily one? The question of whether the marriage violates canon law was not his dramatic problem. His conscience is beginning to gnaw at him; he even pictures that he can make reparation to the son for the wrong done the father: It is great, it is criminal.

Envy, selfishness, ambition — all the complex motives of a man who trusts more to his head than to his heart, enter into the answer; and we must never forget that in executing the murder, Claudius was as cool, as crafty, and, as cunning as any Italian villain.

Disjoint is admirably and particularly chosen to describe the possibility ahead. Interpretation[ edit ] The character Claudius is both the major antagonist of the piece and a complex individual.

Claudius has murdered his brother, his mistress' husband.

What does Claudius say he gained by killing King Hamlet?

He first blames the King, but Claudius places the blame on Hamlet. And oft 'tis seen the wicked prize itself Buys out the law: On the one hand there is the worldly uncle, mature, able, a shrewd leader of men, every inch a king, the salvation of Denmark, an accomplished diplomat, the man for the place and the hour; but his career is founded upon private crime, and although from such a crime innumerable benefits flow, it remains a crime to the end.

The opposing forces are evenly matched, the duel is breathless, the question is not resolved until 82 lines before the end of the drama! He is seen to be an able monarch notwithstanding the unfavourable comparison to his murdered predecessor in Hamlet's first soliloquy as well as a quick thinker and smooth talker, who in Act IV, Scene 5 converts Laertes from rebel to accomplice.

Claudius being opportunistic, finds yet another way to avoid killing Hamlet himself in Laertes. It is in Act III Scene 3, when Claudius forestalls Hamlet's revenge by confessing his sins to God in his own private chapel, that the audience can be sure of his guilt. In fact, she never opposes Claudius in anything.

King Claudius

Then there crosses his path the one man he has striven to conciliate. In the utmost torture of his soul he does not, like his Scotch brother, torment his wife with his remorse. He quells the riot, and wins Laertes to him, and the victory gives him courage.

May one be pardon'd and retain the offence?

Why is it that Hamlet's uncle killed his father in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

No one knows of his crime. And makes us rather bear those ills we have Than fly to others that we know not of. Worse than that, it was fratricide.Act III, scene iii Summary: Act III, scene iii.

Elsewhere in the castle, King Claudius speaks to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Badly shaken by the play and now considering Hamlet’s madness to be dangerous, Claudius asks the pair to escort Hamlet on a voyage to England and to depart immediately.

Claudius being opportunistic, finds yet another way to avoid killing Hamlet himself in Laertes. Claudius speech to Laertes, in light of this news, is very off the cuff, clearly lacking in preparation in comparison to his speech to Hamlet on mourning for fathers.

There are two possible motives for Claudius killing King Hamlet (Hamlet's father). The first would be to access to the throne of Denmark; the second to take Gertrude, the queen, for his wife.

Hamlet - Motives Explained Because of his persistent doubt of whether Claudius did in fact kill his father, Hamlet defers making plans to act out his revenge. Hamlet is the hardest of the three sons to be influenced to act vengefully.

Nov 19,  · Claudius tells us the reasons for his crime in Act 3 Scene 3. "I am still possessed of those effects for which I did the murder: my crown, my own ambition, and my queen." So, his motives.

Why is it that Hamlet's uncle killed his father in Shakespeare's Hamlet?

In act 3, scene 3, Polonius leaves Claudius by himself to pray at his altar, where Claudius admits his motivation for killing his King Hamlet.

Interestingly, Claudius mentions that he will not ask.

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Claudius the motives of killing the king
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