An overview of the two wars desert storm and vietnam

Reporter recalls when Persian Gulf War broke out Those who had expected an attack, such as the commander of U. During the days before the attack, Iraqi troops had been subjected to merciless air attacks; every imaginable target was destroyed with accuracy.

Operation Desert Storm became one of the most successful US military operations, despite predictions of doom It is crucial that the American people remember those who took great risks for the freedom of this country, says Stump Scott C.

The next day the Gulf War officially ends although continues on for another four years. Instead, they called for additional troops to prepare for the largest military cleanup ever seen.

Iraq had a million man army, a modern air force and an arsenal of surface to surface missiles. The Gulf War started on August 2nd in the year and officially finished on February 28thalthough the conflict carried on for another four years thereafter.

This was no ordinary act of aggression.

Desert Storm and Vietnam War

Israel refrained from a response, but was struck by 38 missiles. Of those, more than 27, sorties struck enemy Scuds, airfields, air defenses, electrical power, biological and chemical weapons caches, headquarters, intelligence assets, communications, the Iraqi army, and oil refineries.

Lastly, we can never forget to remember the almost Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice. During that period, reinforcements from numerous other nations arrived, including British, French, Egyptian and even Syrian forces.

The magnitude of the invasion also was a surprise.

Persian Gulf War

The UN tried to impose sanctions and resolutions on Iraq to try and get them to leave Kuwait but to no avail. President Bush employed a similar rationale. Three visible Iraq divisions sat on the border. Day Two ground attack. A long convoy of Iraqi troops, as well as Iraqi and Palestinian civilians, formed along the main Iraq-Kuwait highway.

The Allied forces lost only two aircraft during the attacks.

Desert Storm

In August Iraq had decided to take actions into its own hands and invaded Kuwait. I was talking on the radio as Koch let the round go. Iraq also believed that Kuwait was drilling for more oil than its allowed OPEC quota, thus driving the price of oil to really low levels.

The costs were enormous, and casualty figure staggering. The initial plan to drive Iraqi forces from Kuwait called for a direct offensive aimed at Kuwait City; but Schwarzkopf and other American commanders thought that the risk was too great against heavily armed, well-entrenched defenders.

American foot soldiers moved through Kuwait and entered southern Iraq. Hussein was given 24 hours to withdraw from Kuwait. He also coveted the unique Kuwaiti port on the Gulf and extending the tiny Iraq coast line by almost miles.

Desert Storm

It does not contain the names of theAmericans returned to the United States for burial He furnished aid to Iraq and even intelligence assessments. The invasion was led by the well trained Republican Guard easily identifiable with their red berets. President Bush, who succeeded President Reagan, stated simply: Those who are old enough to remember tend to view Desert Storm through the lens of it being a video-game war where "nobody died" and that it ONLY took hours, never considering that troops were in place seven months prior, or overlooking all the action leading up to the ground war.

On August 6, second Resolution imposed trade barriers barring Iraq oil and financial sanctions. Within minutes of the meeting, orders were issued, and thus began the largest buildup of American forces since the Vietnam War.

Desert Storm, a war worth fighting -- and remembering

Marine divisions hit the oil fields. Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq, ordered his army across the border into tiny Kuwait. American forces first destroyed Iraqi border radar stations, then other key elements of the Iraqi anti-aircraft network; lastly, they began to bomb key targets in downtown Iraq, including the presidential palace, communication centers, and power stations.

The tank hull burst into flames as the penetrator ignited the fuel and ammunition compartments". During that period, reinforcements from numerous other nations arrived, including British, French, Egyptian and even Syrian forces.United States has been involved in, from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm, has at least temporarily With the advent of the Vietnam War, however, the link between homelessness and military veterans finally Coalition for the Homeless War and Homelessness Page 3.

U.S. Military Casualties - Persian Gulf War Casualty Summary Desert Storm (As of November 23, ). Feb 28,  · Despite the naysayers who said that America was not up to the mission, Operation Desert Storm became one of the nation's most successful military operations and deserves to be remembered, writes.

Persian Gulf War

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Comparative Study of KC Operations in Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Allied Force - Historical Perspective on the Development of Air Refueling, Tanker Issues.

Fog of War The Washington Post has put together a fine website on the Gulf War. The introduction, entitled "Murky Ending Clouds Desert Storm Legacy," sets the tone for the entire site.

There are plenty of graphics and much useful data, especially in the Resources section, which includes the key players, calendars, maps, etc. The offensive war, Operation DESERT STORM, began on January 17,with air operations against Iraqi forces in Kuwait and selected targets inside Iraq.

On February 28,a mere hours after the coalition launched its ground offensive, U.S. Central Command .

An overview of the two wars desert storm and vietnam
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