An introduction to the issue of domineering and persuasive cults

New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Cults nearly always have a strong, charismatic leader with a power structure of some kind; communes generally do not. While we may find it easy to identify particular groups as cults, no group readily uses this term of itself.

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This practice is wrong, because it is an unbiblical method of leadership. The remaining third are likely to have depressive symptoms, usually related to a personal loss--perhaps a death in the family, a failed romantic relationship, or career troubles. In fact, inspections of many types of organizations purporting to provide for the physical or mental well-being of the citizenry are legally mandated.

There is nothing to fear in accounting for these expenditures. AM J Psychiatry W: In 2 Corinthians 11 Paul tells us two things about the false apostles which are very instructive: The Lure of the Cults.

While the message of each cult will differ greatly from other cults, each will redefine the gospel in such a way as to narrow the doorway to heaven so that only their particular group can enter in. Cults are able to operate successfully because at any given time most of their members are either not yet aware that they are being exploited, or cannot express such an awareness because of uncertainty, shame, or fear.

We dare not be independent of all others in our interpretation of Scripture, in a way that suggests that only we have found the truth and proclaim it. Such a procedure should be made a requirement for any organization that recruits members from the public and in relation to their alleged purposes seeks special status or privilege regarding taxes or anything else.

Reentry counseling must be considered as a basic element in tertiary prevention. Unfortunately, some evangelical leaders are authoritarian in their roles as pastors or elders. An honorable and enlightened society cannot fail to provide such care. Those most often attracted by such measures are those who, first, do not know that the approach is often staged and, second, are unaware of the nature of the contrived conversion and training methods the social and psychological manipulation to which they are subjected.

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In the years that have passed since then I have come to believe with even greater certainty that this approach is deserving of consideration because it poses no threat to established religions, new religions, communes, sects no matter how oddor even cults if they are of the nontotalist variety.

Jim Sire, in his excellent book, Scripture Twisters: The tactics and techniques seem to be taken from the same mold. Conway F, Siegelman J: Since our Lord Jesus Christ is the head of this church, we do not have a pastor who has a centralized authority over the church. Un homme et son peche dissertation defense Un homme et son peche dissertation defense nafalt argument essay cuffia dei rotatori esercizi per essay respecting your elders essay essay on spiritual leadership inc utilitarianism essay on immigration politics of identity critical essay writing babs tarr illustration essay the island michael bay essays.

They may be found in several bodies of literature, to which the reader is here referred through the following list of examples. If, after leaving an organization to which I previously belonged, I find that I have been harmed as a result of having been in that group, I should be able to sue the organization for the damages that I have experienced.

When you look at this proposition as though it were a public health measure, it should not threaten the genuine religions. It was the apostles in Jerusalem who finally settled the matter. He acknowledged the authority of the government, even to carry out execution John Most of these patients were not forcibly removed from a cult, but escaped, drifted out, or were ejected from the group, especially if they became ill.

However, suppose someone chooses to sue the Unification Church or the Church of Scientology for having exercised undue influence a concept that already exists in law upon his life, resulting in a loss of income, or of position, or of health, or of property, stating further that this undue influence employed deception, lack of initial full disclosure, or failure to give fully informed consent in advance.

H1z1 starting off an essay H1z1 starting off an essay. This is often a characteristic of those who possess gifts which are more prominent cf. Jesus had authority because He was in submission to authority. First, we will seek to clearly identify the cultist in order to avoid him or her.

Often, the cultist will do both.

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Each week I spend approximately 30 hours reading, studying, praying, and writing the messages which I deliver on Sunday. Theory, Research, and Treatment. Cults are likely to have a manifesto -- a book, a doctrine, a code -- which, as interpreted by the leader, governs the behavior of the members through various rules and regulations; in communes one is more likely to find tracts on astrology or organic gardening.

Twenty Ways the Cults Misread the Bible, describes some of the most common ways the Scriptures are misread. Instead they went to the church, seeking to save its members from the true gospel and to convert them to what was another gospel cf.An Introduction to Cults 1. Jim Sutherland, PhD, Director An Introduction to Cults 2. 2 God Overrules Cults John 24 The Jews gathered around him, saying, "How long will you keep us in.

Introduction to Cults, Evangelicals, and the Ethics of Social Influence. Mental-Health Issues in Cult-Related Interventions. The Influence of Persuasive Strategies Used by Cultic Groups in the Context of Forewarning.

The International Churches of Christ Movement. Only 5 to 6 percent of cult members demonstrate major psychological problems prior to joining a cult (Singer, ). Cults don't want, and don't recruit, people with psychological problems or physical handicaps--they represent a loss rather than a gain of cult-oriented productivity.

- CULTS I. Introduction Thesis: The forces that draw individuals into cults can be explained by psychological doctrine. II. What is a cult A. Brief description B. Types of cults 1. religious 2. psychotherapy or personal growth 3.

political 4. popular or faddist III. What if I promised that by reading this you’ll learn 40 persuasive essay topics to help you get started writing your persuasive essay—and that you’ll even learn some tips about how to choose a persuasive.

Oct 08,  · CULTS I. Introduction Thesis: The forces that draw individuals into cults can be explained by psychological doctrine. II. What is a cult A. Brief description B. Types of cults 1.

An introduction to the issue of domineering and persuasive cults
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