1.write a sentence containing a compound subject and an active verb

In the sentences that follow, the adjectives blue, heavy, and rectangular all describe box. Toddy, Jenny, Sonia, and Lisa have been friends for years. Write a sentence that includes all three articles. Look at the rabbit hiding in the bushes. When you combine sentences, make sure that the subject and verb agree in the new sentence you create.

The referee gave a penalty shot to a player on the other team. Jasmine used the telescope at the observatory. IO Students is the indirect object of offers.

A comma should always be added after the transitional expression. Smith of this place is the manager of the millThe letter is in the nearest desk. If they are not the direct object, make an X on the line. The verb used with an attribute complement, because such verb joins the subject to its attribute, is called the Copula "to couple" or Copulative Verb.

He wrote more than 20 books. A simple sentence consists of one clause only e. You can see Cygnus, the swan, in the summer and fall. Takumi ate a turkey sandwich and a crisp, green apple. Brainstorming is the technique of listing any and all ideas that occur to the writer about a topic.

A semi-colon separates the two independent clauses and a comma follows the conjunctive adverb if it is between the clauses, or a period if at the end of the sentence. Working in pairs, students write sentences about people or objects in the classroom.

Not a little gratitude does the author owe to those of his friends who have encouraged and aided him in the preparation of his manuscript, and to the careful criticisms and suggestions made by those persons who examined the completed manuscript in behalf of his publishers.

Harry bought a pie with sauce. It might be difficult for us to believe that a perfect eye could be formed by natural selection. Tony boasted that his prize rooster was an amazing fowl.

Will Gabrielle ride her bike or walk? Write two sentences each using an adverb clause, an adjective clause, and a noun clause. After you release the worms in your garden, the soil will become richer.

Sentence fragments cannot stand alone. Occasionally two prepositions are used together. Slang, idiomatic expressions, and inappropriate vocabulary should never be used.I watched a movie yesterday at the Sentosa Cinema entitled 'The Legend of Lobo".

It is a story about a wolf named Lobo and how it helped its pack of wolves to. Grammatical units that contain a subject, and predicate. Subordinate Clause created by a subordinating conjunction, a clause that modifies an independent clause.

Compound Verb Examples

The only other thing to note is that these adjectives are always connected to the subject by a linking bistroriviere.com’s an example.

In the sentence "The wall is purple," the subject is "wall," the predicate adjective is "purple" and the linking verb is "is.". 1 Unit 7: Subject-Verb Agreement Lesson 44 Subject-Verb Agreement Every verb must agree with its subject in person and in number.

How Do You Create Sentences With Compound Subjects or Predicates?

Most verbs have a different form only in the present tense; when the subject is third-person singular, an -s or -es is added to the base verb. In the sentence, WHOM do you seek, although coming at the first of the sentence, whom is grammatically the object of the verb seek.

In the use of pronouns comes the most important need for a knowledge of when to use the different cases. Follow the logic of compound/complex sentence structure.

compound, and complex sentences of varied structure containing dependent clauses and using correct subject-verb agreement, correct verb tense, and pronouns with clear antecedents.

Use dictionaries, thesauruses, and style manuals Form and use verbs in the active and passive voice.

1.write a sentence containing a compound subject and an active verb
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